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A Producer|10,000 Square Meters Of
A Production Line|20,000 Square Meters Of Warehouse And Logistics Services In 4 Countries|Sales Operations In 110 Countries|€ 23,000,000 Of Current Stock|We produce any product you desire


About Begel

Begel GmbH is the leading manufacturer and supplier of European light commercial vehicles. It produces more than 3,100 products for commercial vehicles in its high-technology factories. Begel GmbH now has more than 80,000 references not only for European LCV brands, but also for European car, truck, and bus brands, by expanding its new productive investments and supplier network. It exports to 110 countries with its warehouses and sales organizations in 4 different countries of the world.

The company is a worldwide well-known brand that is recognized by its unique products and unique product features, such as: Vacuum and fuel pumps, water pumps, rubber parts, suspension parts, steering parts, engine parts, lighting units, body parts, cooling systems, clutch parts, brake parts, shock absorbing parts, gearbox parts, electronic fan parts, water pipe parts, universal parts.

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Performance should be at the optimum level in all steps from the raw material to the final product. Begel GmbH offers this approach to its customers with the quality and variety of its products. Productivity, quality, innovation, and being able to integrate with the changes that are the necessity of the era are the main performance criteria of Begel GmbH.


Data collection and performance criteria determination methods have been determined in Begel GmbH. All kinds of analysis and measurement processes are carried out with up-to- date methods, both in the production network and in the process of delivering the products to the customer, by experts in their fields, using the latest technology software and appropriate measurement equipment.


It has always been some of the principles of Begel GmbH to adapt to the digitalizing world in the 21st century with the latest technology production equipment, facilities, innovative business model, and operations, and to integrate all innovations closely.


Corporate Performance

Begel GmbH's corporate performance management is inspected and measured step by step since its foundation. We know the most efficient way to keep a business alive in the competition is by not compromising quality. Ultimately, we ensure the achievement of our overall organizational goals and ambitions, while aligning them with Begel GmbH employees' goals.

Strategic Alignment

A strategic plan is indispensable on the road to success. Begel GmbH has determined its priorities. It serves you, your customers, with the appropriate business units, departments, and teams that it has created to achieve its strategic goals.


Sustainability is the ability to exist. Sustainable production is one of the most essential elements of today's world. Begel GmbH uses innovation, scenario planning, and strategic analysis methods to be sustainable.

Sales and Marketing

Begel GmbH knows its customers and knows their requirements and wishes. It performs a measurable and repeatable sales process. It makes sure that its customers know the products. This is the most important factor for an effective sales process.

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Strategic Plan

Making a business successful is about setting short or medium-term goals and identifying the necessary steps to achieve them. Begel GmbH always adheres to its strategic plan without compromising its quality.

Performance Tests

Getting efficiency from a job depends on performance. Begel GmbH makes the necessary performance tests and measurements with appropriate methods at all stages of production and distribution.

Management Systems

Begel GmbH advances its processes with its customer-oriented approach and the participation of its employees. Decision-making processes are based on evidence. Emphasis is placed on leadership, planning, support, operations, evaluation, and improvement steps. Effective innovation is also achieved in these ways.

Sales operations in 110 countries
10,000 square meters of a production line
€ 23,000,000 of current stock
20,000 square meters of warehouse and logistics services in 4 countries


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