About Begel

International Standards, Cutting-Edge Technology and Integrated Solutions

Begel GmbH

Begel GmbH is the leading manufacturer and supplier of European light commercial vehicles. It produces more than 3,100 products for commercial vehicles in its high-technology factories.

Begel GmbH now has more than 80,000 references not only for European LCV brands, but also for European car, truck, and bus brands, by expanding its new productive investments and supplier network. It exports to 110 countries with its warehouses and sales organizations in 4 different countries of the world.

The company is a worldwide well-known brand that is recognized by its unique products and unique product features, such as: Vacuum and fuel pumps, water pumps, rubber parts, suspension parts, steering parts, engine parts, lighting units, body parts, cooling systems, clutch parts, brake parts, shock absorbing parts, gearbox parts, electronic fan parts, water pipe parts, universal parts.